Grow your business and leave the hassles of monitoring stock units and fulfilling orders on Duminex Invoice.


Whether you are a small business or a company that’s spread across multiple borders, when it comes to keeping a note of units sold, purchased or units remaining, the math gets too obvious yet time-consuming. Be able to manage your inventory in a trouble-free manner with our service that offers an enhanced Inventory Management system.


Duminex enables you to set personalized price level for each of your clients so that after entering the price of items for them once, you wouldn’t be repeating the price everytime that item is purchased by that customer. This gives you the freedom of determining separate prices according to the clients in the software itself.


If we are promising a comfortable inventory management, we are sure to give the perks of automatic notifications for when stocks are low. You can set a custom limit of units for which you would like to get notified. It is as simple as it sounds but saves you tons of time in rechecking of orders before making sales.


Just imagining to apply a separate discount to each and every order that goes out is a nightmare. Don’t worry, we are your guardian angels here. Apply a uniform discount on a per-item basis or on bulk order. You can set the limit of units and the amount of discount as per your needs and it will be automatically applied to the orders.

Simplify the process of generating an invoice and bringing it into the circulation for record keeping and further analysis.

Stay assured of quick clearing and management of quotes and convert personalized quotes into invoices.

Provide all possible means of payments to your clients and be at the top of your game.


Monitor, analyze and predict the future of your business and take real-time actions.


Simple, Secure & Easy to Use

So there it is, all that you should know about Duminex. We aim at making your life easier, so that your time and energy is saved for more creative and attention deserving things. Try it for free.