Be it tracking, or noting credits, or even recording partial payments. We have covered it all and even more.
Payment Tracking
As important as it is to be able to generate an invoice for keeping purchase records and customer satisfaction, being able to track payment is a feature you as a business owner, deserve for a trouble-free monetary exchange management. Our service lets you do just that, but with an extremely simple interface.
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Credit Notes
We understand that you won't let unfortunate returns or exchanges turn into complete losses. That's why, with our Credit Notes, you can keep a record of such exchanges and provide your customers with this memo for future references. Adding and emailing clients with these credit notes will sure help you retain more clients.
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Duminex Invoice lets you generate receipts of completed payments for a memo to provide your clients and for you to keep a record of cleared payments. The interface is simple and ensures complete comfort of use. This feature aids in the appearance of your brand as being more professional and also serves as a bill.
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Partial payments
Sometimes it becomes mandatory for letting the client pay in installments and as an evolving business, it becomes your duty to adhere to these standards. We, at Duminex understand the importance of partial payments where our service lets you record such payments with the full data of till when it will be completed.
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Simplify the process of generating an invoice and bringing it into the circulation for record keeping and further analysis.
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Stay assured of quick clearing and management of quotes and convert personalized quotes into invoices
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Bring an order in your work by tracking inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries.
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Monitor, analyze and predict the future of your business and take real-time actions.
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Simple, Secure & Easy to Use
So there it is, all that you should know about Duminex. We aim at making your life easier, so that your time and energy is saved for more creative and attention deserving things. Try it for free.
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