We have provided an ultimate solution for a necessary feature that is generally neglected in an Invoicing software.
No need to keep another log for keeping quotations because now you can keep all at one place. You can generate quotes using Duminex Invoice in the blink of an eye enabling you to record all the information you need for storing in the quotes.
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Quote to invoice
Forget about manually creating an invoice out of a quote that has been converted. We let you generate an Invoice directly from the previously filled quote. All the features of the Invoice can be applied to this converted quote so that you can enjoy full comfort and efficiency.
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Get full-fledged customization in the quote you have created so that it looks professional and is representing your brand. You can achieve this by inserting your brand name, and also by inserting the official logo using Duminex Software.
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Enjoy all the tracking and analysis benefits of Quotation management as we all know it doesn’t end at just being able to create a quote and to convert it into an invoice. Tracking is an intricate part of Quotation Management and lets you anticipate the growth of the business better.
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Simplify the process of generating an invoice and bringing it into the circulation for record keeping and further analysis.
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Bring an order in your work by tracking inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries.
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Provide all possible means of payments to your clients and be at the top of your game.
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Monitor, analyze and predict the future of your business and take real-time actions.
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Simple, Secure & Easy to Use
So there it is, all that you should know about Duminex. We aim at making your life easier, so that your time and energy is saved for more creative and attention deserving things. Try it for free.
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